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Wallpaper is back and bigger than ever!

Wallcovering has occupied the top five in design trends for the last several years. Interior Designers are flocking to the variety of patterns, colors and textures that represent today’s Wallpaper selections. Never before has the wallpaper industry produced so many different products for walls in both commercial and residential applications.

With experience installing wallcovering in healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, schools, airports, offices, apartment buildings, and hotel lobbies and corridors, you can count on us to get the job done on time and on budget.

Our commercial paperhangers are adept at hiding seams, matching patterns and can work off-hours and weekends to minimize the impact to your business.


Our jobs are done efficiently as we’re no bother to your customers or tenants. We understand your expectations. That’s why the majority of our jobs are from previous customers and referrals. Call us for more details on how your business can prosper through commercial wallpaper installation.

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